The toughest part of getting to the top of the ladder, is getting through the crowd at the bottom.


Bharatesh Pre-University College & Bharatesh College of Commerce, two nascent institutions of Bharatesh Education Trust were established in the year 2007 & 2009 respectively. The brand name Bharatesh brought in a flow of students in the year of inception. Today the college boasts a strength of 512 for PUC & 250 students for B.Com which sums to 632 students studying under one roof with 35 teaching & non-teaching staff. It's quite a remarkable strength in a span of 7 year of inception PUC & 5 year of inception of B.Com with stiff competition from leading institutions. The college caters to a mixed breed of students with passing percentage ranging from as high as 91% to below average students. Students from as far as Kardiguddi, Hattargi, Sulebhavi, Basavan Kudachi, Alwarwad, Pachapur, Halga are admitted in our college. Speaking to a few of these students most of them are out of bed very early to take the first public transport available just to make it in time for the first class at 7.30 am. The calm & serene atmosphere in the early morning with no noise pollution makes it an ideal place for the teaching learning process. The college timing serves as a boon to many, with Science students finding ample time to study & the Commerce students from economically weaker section of the society finding it easy to find a part time job to support themselves & lend a helping hand to the family to make ends meet.

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